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President’s Message

We are looking forward to working with you to deliver ‘best in class’ language, business acumen and in-demand skills.

Corporations today are required to put uncertainty at the heart of their business strategy. Changes - predictable and unpredictable alike – are reshaping how we work and live, as well as how we learn. To plan for the future, it has become critical for institutions to prioritize digital transformation and workplace capability building, including reskilling and skill-gap closing.

At Reallyenglish, we believe this is a pivotal time to partner with us for your organization’s learning and development needs. To better support you, our corporate and academic clients, we have expanded our focus areas, resources and capabilities to deliver end-to-end solutions that include our renowned online English courses, business skills and knowledge-based courses. With our state-of-the-art eLearning and LMS technology, Reallyenglish can provide engaging and high-performance courses using multiple modalities such as asynchronous and live virtual classroom lessons under our “Remote Learning” concept, as well as traditional onsite sessions.

Reallyenglish is actively expanding partnerships with recognized global experts in the eLearning and L&D segments to provide a broader range of online solutions that can meet your training needs at all stages and levels. Our dedicated account managers and product-solution team are ready to ensure that your training and reporting requirements can be met in an effective, cost efficient manner.

We are looking forward to work with you to deliver ‘best in class’ language, business acumen and in-demand skills that will help your organization thrive and grow in today’s increasingly uncertain global environment.

Company Outline

Company name EdulinX Corporation
The Head office Parkwest Bldg, 4F, 6-12-1 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku,
Tokyo 160-0023
Tel 03-3348-2033 | Fax 03-3348-2034
The Kansai office LUCID SQUARE UMEDA, 2F, 2-7-18, Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Tel 06-6147-3997 | Fax 03-6147-3998
Established October 5, 2001
Capital 10 million yen
President & CEO Peter A. Owans
Business English learning content - planning, development, sales
Various learning support tools - planning, development, sales
English learning related business support
English e-mail correction service
Main shareholders  Nippon Sangyo Suishin Kiko Ltd.
ITOCHU Corporation
Hitachi group
Suntory Holdings Limited.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited
JT (Japan Tobacco Inc.)
Canon Inc.
Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
CHIYODA Corporation
Aoyama Gakuin University
The University of Kitakyushu Faculty of Environmental Engineering
Seinan Gakuin University Center for Language Education
Japan Women's University
Ritsumeikan University
Kansai University
Kyoto University
Hokkai-Gakuen University
Meiji Gakuin University The faculty of economics
Nishiyamato Gakuen Junior High School
Hiroshima Shudo University
Mie University
Over 1100 companies, universities and language schools (in no particular order)

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About personal information handling

Privacy Policy

EdulinX Corporation offers an on-line learning system which focuses primarily on the delivery of language teaching material. Through this e-learning system we have been able to offer the best and most modern English teaching available in a flexible and interactive way. We have always taken the utmost care in protecting our clients' private information but have recently undertaken a comprehensive review of our policy in protecting and administrating the private information which forms a fundamental part of our business, and we wish to announce that all our staff will aim to pursue the following policy.

  • 1. We will only conduct the appropriate collection, usage and offering of private information needed for the delivery of our services and the carrying out of our operations. We will not handle private information which is unnecessary in fulfilling these objectives and we will take measures to prevent any such handling.
  • 2. We strictly follow privacy protection laws as well as any government guidelines and regulations in handling private information within our company.
  • 3. We maintain strict administration of private information and will not show or offer them to a third party unless prior consent has been received. We will take appropriate measures to avoid illegal access to, loss of, falsification, destruction or breach of privacy of private information. In case of any breach of privacy, etc., we will take prompt action to investigate the cause and correct it.
  • 4. When there are any inquiries or complaints About privacy handling, we will look into the matter promptly and make efforts to take care of them as required.
  • 5. We assure continuous improvement of our privacy protection policy management system.

Date of enactment 1st July 2007
Date of most recent revision 20th April 2020
EdulinX Corporation
CEO Peter A. Owans

For inquiries about private information, please contact:
EdulinX Corporation
Parkwest Bldg. 4F, 6-12-1 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0023
Private information customer service

We handle personal information as follows

1. The purpose of use when obtaining directly from a person in writing or via WEB form is as follows.

(1) e-learning user information
・ To provide learning services
・ To respond to inquiries and questions
・ To introduce product services
・ To distribute an e-mail newsletter (for EZ to Talk series students only)
・ To create statistical data
(We may use this information for product development and promotional purposes, in which case we will use it anonymously so that you cannot be identified)
(2) Personal information of those who made the inquiry or request for materials
・ To respond to inquiries
・ To respond to document requests
(3) Personal information of those who applied for a seminar
・ To respond to the seminar application
・ To conduct a questionnaire survey
(4) Information about business partners
・ To manage business partners
・ To conduct business activities
・ To conduct a questionnaire survey
(5) Personal information of those who contact us by telephone
・ To properly respond to and manage inquiries
(6) e-learning grade information
・ For market research and data analysis for research and development of new products and services
・ To provide learning services
* We will keep the information 365 days after the course ends, and will delete it immediately afterwards

2. Personal information may be obtained through work entrusted by customers. The purpose of use when obtaining from the person directly by a method other than written or WEB form is as follows.

(1) Personal information acquired through contract business
・ To provide e-learning services
・ To plan and draft e-learning
・ To respond to inquiries and questions
・ To introduce product services
・ To properly carry out contracted work
* Please contact the following "Personal Information Reception Desk" for the purpose of use of all "Personal Information Subject to Disclosure" and "Requests for Disclosure". We will respond without delay.

<Personal information reception desk>
〒160-0023 Nishi Shinjuku 6-12-1, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Park West Building 4F
EdulinX Corporation
Personal information reception desk
TEL : 03-3348-2033

Before filling out the form, please read the Privacy Policy. Click the "Agree and Confirm" button if you agree.